Using ResMap with ArcGIS® 8.x & 9.x

This FREE plug-in allows greater productivity in the ArcGIS® environment by adding support for ECW, URL, ALG, ERS image formats as well as the ECW compressor utility.

The plug-in is a “must have” for ArcGIS users using our ER Mapper and Image Web Server software products.

This plug-in has the following features:

Better integration with ECW compressor. The ECW compressor can be accessed via command or export menu "Raster to ECW.". As the compressor is a separate process, compression tasks can be carried out without restricting workflow in the ArcGIS® environment. Other advantages include robustness and the ability for compression to continue while ArcGIS is closed.

This plug-in works with all of the ArcGIS® family of products (ArcInfo®, ArcView®, ArcEditor®). Download the plugin here.

Free 500MB (not 50MB!) compressor - large enough to compress images of a usable size - for free. Use ER Mapper to mosaic, color balance and compress even larger mosaics.

There are two versions of the ECW plug-in for ESRI products; one for ArcView 3.x, and this new plug-in for the ArcGIS 8.x family.

The ALG and ERS support must be selected during the installation. In some cases, enabling ALG and ERS support has caused some formats to be temporary disabled. If this occurs, run the modify uninstall option and de-select ALG and ERS support. This problem is in the process of being resolved.

Using ECW Images with ArcGis and ArcMap

Instructions and video tutorial for use with local images here.

Instructions and video tutorial for use with remote images here.