ArcView ECW v2.0 and ResMap URL Support Plugin

Access ECW data from within ArcView using a ResMap URL. Supersedes the ArcView plug-in with ECW v2.0 support. This plug-in enables you to directly access imagery stored on an Image Web Server on the Internet (or secure Intranet) from within ArcView. Also adds support for local ECW, ALG and ERS files.

If you don't already have the plug-in installed on your computer, download it here and install.

Using ECW Images with ArcView

1. Open ArcView 3.1 or greater.

2. Go to the File -> Extensions menu and select the 'ER Mapper Algorithms and Image support' button. This will enable the plug-in for ArcView.

Check the 'Make Default' box and this extension will automatically load each time ArcView is started.

3. To open an image, click on the ECW icon. An 'ECW v2.0 Image URL Theme' window will open. The ECW support icon is the third icon from the left on the top row of buttons in your ArcView window. If you place your mouse over it, you will notice that the icon is labeled "Add ECW image theme from an Image Web Server URL."

4. Type in the ECWP path to the image you wish to view from an Image Web Server and press 'Ok'.
(ex. ecwp://

5. You will now see an image open in your view window.

6. To open a local ECW file, type the image directory path in the 'ECW v2.0 Image URL Theme' window.