ER Mapper 7.x with ECW v2.0 and URL Support Plug-in

ER Mapper 6.1 and above allows you to integrate ECW compressed imagery locally and from any Image Web Server via direct URL access.

If you don't already have ER Mapper on your computer, download it from the ER Mapper Web site and install.

Using ECW Images with ER Mapper

Video Tutorial: [ 677KB | 0:44min ] Tutorial will open in a new window

  1. Open ER Mapper.
    The splash screen should now say "ER Mapper x.x with Image Web Plug-in."
  2. To open a local ECW file, simply choose the "Open" command in the "File" menu and browse to an ECW file.
  3. To open a file from an Image Web Server URL, select the "open file" icon, and type in the ECWP path to the image: (ex. ecwp://
    • Note: An ECW URL History menu is available to make it easy and quick to load images from an Image Web Server.
  4. The ECW file will open in an ER Mapper image window.