Using ResMap with ER Viewer version 7.0

ER Viewer is an easy to use image viewer featuring interactive roaming and zooming with very large image files. A wide range of image formats* are supported:

Version Features

ER Viewer allows you to integrate ECW compressed imagery in any OLE-aware application, including Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.

If you don't already have ER Viewer on your computer, download it from the ER Mapper Web site and install.

Using ECW Images with ER Viewer 7.0

Video Tutorial: [ 179KB | 0:44min ] Tutorial will open in a new window

  1. Start ER Viewer.
  2. To Open a local ECW file, use the open file icon and browse to the location of the desired file.
  3. To Open an ECW image from a URL, simply copy the image URL from your Image Web Server and paste it into the 'open file' dialog box.

Note: You can easily open any local ECW file with ER Viewer by simply double-clicking on the ECW file itself. This will automatically launch ER Viewer to display the image.

For information on using ER Viewer to view ECW images from within Microsoft Office applications, click here.