Adobe Photoshop ECW v2.0 Read and Write Plug-in

The Adobe Photoshop plug-in allows you to integrate ECW compressed imagery from a local source. This plug-in allows not only reading of ECW files, but writing ECW files from within Photoshop.

If you don't already have the plug-in installed on your computer, download it from the ER Mapper Web site and install.

Using ECW Images with Photoshop

  1. Open PhotoShop 5.0 or greater.
  2. Open an image by choosing File->Open and browsing to the image location. The next screen will ask what zoom ratio you would like to view the image at. Choose a zoom ratio from the pull-down menu.
  3. Use the Photoshop tools to manipulate the image as desired.
  4. To save an image as an ECW compressed file, select File->Save As and select ECW image as the output file type. Next, select the output file location by browsing to the desired directory.
  5. You will now be asked to select the appropriate compression ratio for the image.
  6. To monitor the progress of the compression, take note of the progress bar found at the bottom of the Photoshop window.