Frequently Asked Questions

Built around the needs of industry, Spatial Mapping's ResMap system is the choice of professionals. Scaleable, customizable satellite data is warehoused by ResMap and is conveniently accessible to you as required. Use this area to learn a little about our system, and how it can be of use to you.

What the system does:

ResMap allows access to GIS-Ready satellite imagery via an Image Web Server. System users conveniently reference and utilize the satellite maps they need free, online, and real-time.

Who uses ResMap:

Resource management professionals, scientific community, educational institutions, media outlets,and many others rely on ResMap. Really, anyone who needs rapid access to spatially correct imagery will find this system useful.

Why ResMap is useful:

Our process makes it easy to access the data you need, without needing to warehouse endless terabytes of data. ResMap images can be used directly in your existing GIS/CAD/MS Office software. Instructions on how to do this are here.

Primary data sets:

You can look to ResMap to supply all the standard map sets you require. From MODIS to Landsat to air photo data, rely on ResMap.

Regions covered by ResMap:

Imagery covering the entire Earth is accessible on ResMap at resolutions ranging from 1 km to 14.25 metres, and in selected areas 1 metre.

Free Images:

ResMap allows users free access to imagery covering 100% of the world's landmass with more being added weekly. Click on the Search button to see imagery covering your area of interest.

Offline Images:

All the imagery served via ResMap is available for purchase at deeply discounted rates. Click on the Products button to see imagery pricing.