Global Mapper 8.x

Global Mapper

ResMap functionality is now been built directly into Global Mapper. More than 8000 images being served on ResMap's Image Web Server can be accessed through Global Mapper's "Open ECW File from the Web" File menu option.

Global Mapper is more than just a viewer capable of displaying the most popular raster, elevation, and vector datasets. It converts, edits, prints, and allows you to utilize GIS functionality on your datasets in one low cost and easy to use software package.

Your data files can be loaded as layers, for example a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) can be loaded with a scanned topographical map to create a 3D sun shaded view of the map. A digital satellite image can be draped on the surface together with vector contour mapping to create a stunning and informative graphic. The results can be printed, or the workspace can be exported to a high resolution raster image for use in a presentation or report.

Have you ever received a dataset that does not match the projection of your current project? Simply load the dataset into Global Mapper, change the projection, and save the file to match your coordinate system. If the dataset is larger than the area you are interested in, export the data using the crop feature and change the projection and format of the data at the same time.

Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending and contrast adjustment, elevation querying and line of sight calculations as well as advanced capabilities like image rectification, contour generation from surface data, view shed analysis from surface data, and triangulation and gridding of 3D point data. Repetitive tasks can be accomplished using the built in scripting language or the numerous batch conversion options.

To download Global Mapper, click here. The download is approximately 20 MB in size. Once the download has complete, run the downloaded file to install Global Mapper.

To gain access to the full functionality of Global Mapper you will need to purchase a license for $279USD. Please contact us at if you are interested.

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ER Mapper Pro 7.x

ER Mapper

ER Mapper Professional is a powerful, yet simple to use, geospatial imagery processing application. ER Mapper Professional enhances your geographic data to make it more meaningful. It allows you to extract quantitative information and solve problems.

Using ER Mapper you can display and enhance raster data, display and edit vector data and link with data from Geographic and Land Information Systems, Database Management Systems or virtually any other source.

You can use ER Mapper to prepare your imagery for any application. Its strengths are its easy-to-use interface and the many wizards and other tools that it provides to make many complex tasks simple. It also eliminates the drudgery of repetitive tasks by automating the steps. ER Mapper natively supports most commonly used image and data formats and has a continuously updated database of datums and projections from around the world.

The traditional strengths of ER Mapper lie in the ease with which you can process airphoto and satellite data. What were once held to be complex tasks, e.g, orthorectification, image balancing, gridding and contouring, geocoding and analyses of imagery, can all be carried out by a user with just a basic understanding of image processing techniques and ER Mapper.

Image visualization and presentation takes on a whole new meaning with the ease with which you can create, modify and display maps, 3D flythrough and perspective views and classified images. You can then compress these images using ECW and serve them over the Internet with the Image Web Server.

To make it all fit together, ER Mapper offers easy integration with GIS, database and other software allowing you to view data from other applications in ER Mapper. You can also view ER Mapper/ECW images in other applications with help of free plug-ins provided with ER Mapper.

For a fully functional free evaluation of ER Mapper please contact us at .

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ER Mapper Image Compressor

Mosaic + Balance = high-value images!IWS Logo

When you turn your image tiles into image mosaics, using them in your GIS and desktop applications is easier and more effective. View the entire area of interest in one file,not hundreds or even thousands. Powerful colour balancing and mosaicing technology stiches your tiles together.

Compression = smaller and faster!!

Use ECW or JPEG 2000 compression to shrink the size of your imagery datasetsto just 5% of the original size. JPEG 2000 supports lossless-compression. Access compressed imagery faster from your desktop and web applications. Distribute large amounts of imagery that is compressed on CD, DVD or the Internet! Reduce the hard disk requirements for storing your images. With Image Compressor you can compress a massive 10GB of input data!

For a fully functional free evaluation of ER Mapper MBC please contact us at .

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Image Web Server

IWS Logo

ResMap's image deliverer system is powered by Earth Resource Mapping's Image Web Server. Your organization can use the Image Web Server to supply imagery or accelerate a WebGIS within your company, to selected client, or for the purposes of e-commerce. Click here to download a recent technical overview of the Image Web Server and it's integration with WebGIS.

The Image Web Server provides a means of distributing large images over networks that could have relatively low bandwidths. This makes it particularly suitable for the Internet, where client PCs are often connected via slow dial-up links.

You can add the Image Web Server to an existing or new Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) installation. For evaluation purposes, or for access by a small number of clients, you can also use the Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS).

Clients access the imagery via web pages that you set up on your site. These web pages make use of controls that the clients download from the Image Web Server. The web pages can be as simple or as complicated as you require them to be.

The 4 different Image Web Server editions are as follows:

The Free Image Web Server is available at no cost and can be run on any machine.

The Free edition is designed for evaluating the Image Web Server

The Office edition Image Web Server must be licensed to the hardware running your web server.

The Office edition is designed to provide a complete office full access to large amounts of imagery using a mix of GIS, CAD, web and office applications.

The Corporate edition Image Web Server must be licensed to the hardware running your web server.

The Corporate edition is designed to provide a complete company organization full access to large amounts of imagery. For example, you may have a corporate office with 200 people, and 30 other offices each with an average of 10 people, with an internal organization wide intranet. You would use the Corporate edition to serve images, each up to 100GB in size, to the entire organization.

The Enterprise edition Image Web Server must be licensed to the hardware running your web server.

The Enterprise edition of the Image Web Server is designed to serve very large amounts of imagery to an unlimited number of users. A copy of ER Mapper is included with the Enterprise edition.

The Enterprise edition is primarily designed for image data vendors selling imagery via e-Commerce (functionality to be provided in future releases), and for large organizations distributing imagery state- or country-wide.

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