Spot Imagery Options

2.5 Metre Colour Products

2.5 metre colour products are derived from images acquired by Spot 5. They are obtained by merging two separate images one in panchromatic mode at 2.5 metre resolution and the other in three band multispectral mode at 10 metre resolution. Because the 2.5 metre image is itself generated by merging two 5 metre images, one of the HRG instruments has to acquire three images simultaneously to produce a 2.5 metre colour image. Images thus obtained are like a three band colour image, with a resolution of 2.5 metres and panchromatic viewing geometry.

2.5 Metre Black & White Products

2.5 metre black and white products are derived from images acquired by Spot 5. A 2.5 metre image is obtained from two 5 metre panchromatic images acquired simultaneously by the same HRG instrument. Each HRG instrument has a dedicated detector for this purpose. The 2.5 metre image generated by ground processing is therefore panchromatic and has the same viewing geometry as the two 5 metre images. Spot 5's panchromatic band covers wavelengths between 0.48 and 0.71 µm.